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One of the most vulnerable parts of the region is Lafitte in Jefferson Parish, as the area has a history of vulnerability and can even get some high water when strong winds come out of the east.

Lafitte faces a storm surge of 1-3 feet and while officials say the area can handle that amount, they are not letting their guard down.

'Not taking anything for granted,' Mayor Tim Kerner said. 'It looks really good, and I think we're going to be fine.'

Forty-four thousand sandbags have been put into place to protect the community from a possible storm surge from Karen. The sandbags were placed in areas of Lafitte that have been exposed as vulnerable in previous storms.

'We're not letting our guard down,' said Councilman RickyTemplet. 'Down in lower Lafitte and Grand Isle, we're keeping everything in place.'

The community is outside the federal protection levee system and is no stranger to flooding, especially tidal flooding. The 1-3 foot storm surge that officials in Lafitte are preparing for could cause some street flooding.

Temporary pumping stations and the sandbags that are in place should minimize street flooding, according to officials.

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