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ST. JOHN, La. -- Voters across the state will make various decisions at the polls Saturday.

In St. John Parish, there is only one issue on the ballot. It's seeking a quarter-cent sales tax increase for the sheriff's office.

'I'm determined to make St. John Parish safe,' said Sheriff Mike Tregre. 'And with this quarter cent sales tax, which will generate an additional estimated $2 million more a year, it will be going directly towards salaries and benefits, more manpower and crime cameras.'

If the tax hike is approved, the sheriff said he will hire eight new deputies immediately, in time for the holiday shopping season.

'When you come into St. John Parish, I want you to see a police car,' said Tregre. 'When you're leaving St. John Parish, I want you to see one of my units, when you're shopping, coming out of businesses, groceries churches.'

He wants to double the number of crime cameras to 90.

'Cameras helped me solve a murder.'

In April, St. John Parish voters rejected the tax hike request. Tregre's trying again and is working hard to convince voters like seniors at the Council on Aging.

'I've been to every homeowners association, civic organization, PTO, after school program,' said Tregre. 'I've basically been on tour since the end of July.'

'I believe that we're supposed to go along with the sheriff,' said voter Gloria Lewis.

'Anything increasing sales, though I don't think it's too good,' said voter Ora Keppard.

Secretary of State Tom Schedler's office estimates turnout Saturday could be as low as 10 percent in some parts of Louisiana. But they say it could be 20 percent or higher here in St. John Parish, because 1,100 people cast early ballots, indicating a lot of interest in this issue.

'I've gotten a lot of positive feedback,' said Tregre. 'The deputies have been getting positive feedback, so feeling pretty good this time.'

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