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SLIDELL, La. -- A special kid from Mandeville High School got a special thrill at a freshman football game.

Simon Roussel has Down Syndrome and he's been a manager on the football team for the past six years. He'll graduate this spring, so Wednesday was his last game managing for the freshman team.

So for the first time ever, Simon Roussel dressed out a huge thrill.

After six years of managing in high school and two years in junior high, with eight years on the sideline, Simon got to put the uniform on.

Then, on the opening kickoff, Simon took the field, took the handoff and with a huge escort, ran 80 yards for the touchdown.

Simon's parents thanked the coaches on both sides Mandeville and Slidell for giving Simon the thrill of his life.

'He had no idea that he was going to get to dress out. That was just a total surprise. So I think he is just in another world, and it's a memory he'll have forever,' said Simon's mother, Barbara Roussell.

One play, one 80-yard kickoff return. A great night for everybody in Slidell. Both teams win.

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