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NEWORLEANS -- Visitors and delivery trucks planning to use Governor Nicholls Street to enter the French Quarter found it closed to traffic Friday morning, as repair crews dug a deep hole. Butthe repair jobwas great news for residents.

'I was very thankful,' said Billy Good. 'It has been about six weeks since the hole formed, and we've been calling ever since.'

The sinkhole Good is talking about appeared at the time of the first Action Report two weeks ago. A large chunk of pavement in the driving lane had caved in, creating a pit up to two-feet deep, a dangerous obstacle for vehicles on a busy street.

'The garbage trucks couldn't pass, the fire trucks couldn't pass, and we watched that time and time again, every day, them backing down the street,' said Good.

After contacting city officials, the mayor's office said engineers would inspect the area, and they found a broken underground drainage pipe, which they promised would be repaired quickly. Friday, the crew had to dig a deep hole to find the problem, but knowing it was being fixed was what neighbors had been waiting for.

'Well, it's gonna make a huge difference in this block, and I'll be very relieved that the fire trucks can pass by in case there is a problem in the French Quarter,' said Good.

When they've completed the work, they'll fill the hole with gravel. It will stay there for about a week to allow it to settle, then they'll be able to come back, repave it, and this problem will be fixed.

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