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NEW ORLEANS, La. -- It's becoming more common in the city New Orleans: Cyclists in bike lanes forcing drivers to be more cautious.

It's a concept that's still a challenge for the West Bank.

Louisiana State Police say 44-year-old Corey McCall was killed Tuesday evening trying to cross this busy intersection of Westwood Drive and the Westbank Expressway on his bike.

This happened just after 9 p.m., which is in the second highest time-of-day range for a bike crash to happen, according to a national study.

It's not the most settling news for Abby Grosslein, who takes her bike for the long haul daily.

'I bike anywhere between eight and 15 miles,' she said.

The city of New Orleans has added more than 70 miles of bike lanes since Hurricane Katrina.

Peter Bennett with Bike Easy has worked with the city to help bring more awareness to bike safety and more lanes.

National numbers show bicycle fatalities account for 2 percent of all vehicle deaths.

According to a Regional Planning Commission study, New Orleans ranks above the national average and saw a slight increase in bike fatalities over the last two years.

'When it is the only option are no other options and there are no facilities for bikes or pedestrians it gets really dangerous,' Peter Bennett said.

Grosslein has had more close encounters than she hoped for.

'One thing I would like is more people using their turn signals,' said Grosslein.

Bennett now has his eye on bringing the West Bank up to speed. Currently there are only a few bike trails.

'Yes, we want to work there,' said Bennett. 'The east bank has done some work with its bike plan, but the West Bank needs the same kind of attention.'

The city of New Orleans said it plans to add another nine miles of bikeways in the coming months.

The goal is to add an additional 12 miles by the end of 2014 for a total of 100 miles of bikeways throughout the city.

You can view the Regional Planning Commission study here.

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