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NEW ORLEANS -- A former New Orleans police officer is scheduled to stand trial a second time Monday for a shooting in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

David Warren is a former police officer who was initially convicted in the shooting and cover-up of 31-year-old Henry Glover. Glover was shot to death at a strip mall on the West Bank in 2005.

During the first trial Warren was tried alongside officers accused of burning Glover's body to cover up the shooting.

The appellate court threw out his conviction, and now he will once again be tried for the shooting, but without the jury hearing anything about the cover-up.

'When the jurors hear of the cover up they immediately and reasonably think if nothing was wrong with the shooting, then why the cover-up?' said legal analyst Dane Ciolino. 'The cover-up taints the shooting.'

Ciolino said because of that, it will make the case against Warren very different, even though the jurors will likely hear the same case.

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