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By Tom Planchet

1/ Seattle 11-2 (last week 1) No reason to drop them for a close road loss. Still look like the best balanced team in the NFL.
2/ Denver 11-2 (last week 4) Manning answered his 'cold weather critics,' at least until the playoffs.
3/ New England 10-3 (last week 2) They've escaped three straight weeks but loss of Gronk will hurt.
4/ Saints 10-3 (last week 5) They answered their critics, but next two weeks on the road are critical.
5/ San Francisco 9-4 (last week 6) You don't want to face them early in postseason.
6/ Carolina 9-4 (last week 3) Did they just lay an egg like the Saints did a week ago?We'll find out in two weeks.
7/ Phildelphia 8-5 (last week 7) They've won five straight and could host a first round playoff game.
8/ Cincinnati 9-4 (last week 8) When good they're pretty darned good.
9/ Kansas City 10-3 (last week 10) Beating a defenseless team doesn't mean you've righted your ship.
10/ Arizona 8-5 (last week unranked) Loss of Mathieu will likely hurt.

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