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SLIDELL, La. -- A gruesome discovery on the Northshore has led to a south shore murder mystery.

Sunday, police found the body of a New Orleans teenager in the trunk of a car, ditched in a Slidell neighborhood.

Neighbors called police after spotting a suspicious looking white Infinity automobile, tucked behind some bushes in a wooded lot on Teddy Avenue.

'There was a ton of blood inside and outside the vehicle, which obviously raised our suspicion that something bad happened,' said Slidell Detective Daniel Seuzeneau.

Police opened the trunk of the car and found a dead body.

'The victim appeared to be an African American male in his late teens that suffered several gunshot wounds,' Seuzeneau said.

Slidell police determined the dead teenager had ties to New Orleans. Tuesday, the Orleans Parish coroner identified the body as 18-year-old Kenneth Young.

New Orleans police say Young was gunned down near Peoples and Jasmine Street in Gentilly over the weekend.

One neighbor, who did not want to be identified, said a family member heard the gunshots.

'When I came home, all I saw was just the cop cars and I'm like, OK, and I talked with my neighbors, like you all didn't hear no ambulance, you all didn't see know lights or nothing like that, they were not, so what really happened?' he said.

It now appears the killers stuffed Young's body in the trunk and ditched his body and the vehicle across the lake in Slidell.

'That's kind of cruel, you know,' the neighbor said. 'Whoever did it, I hope they get caught.'

Back in Slidell, police say neither the abandoned vehicle nor the victim had any ties to the quiet Slidell neighborhood.

'The discovery of a dead body is extremely alarming, not only to this neighborhood, but Slidell residents in general,' said Detective Seuzeneau. 'It's not something we experience here on a daily basis. When something like that happens, it is a big deal.'

Since Young's murder apparently happened in New Orleans, Slidell police transferred the case to the NOPD.

If you have any information that can help in this investigation call Crimestoppers at 504-822-1111.

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