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NEW ORLEANS -- New Orleans police are searching for a woman who the department says lied under oath in a gang investigation.

It's part of a sweeping effort by various agencies to reduce violence and murder in the city.

'We have a much deeper understanding of the associates,' said NOPD Superintendent Ronal Serpas. 'A much deeper understanding of the gang behavior in the city.'

It has been a busy year for the New Orleans Police Department. A multi-agency gang unit continues to target what's estimated to be more than 650 gang members in about 40 gangs or groups across the city.

'The gang unit indicted 74 individuals from seven gangs in 2013,' Mayor Mitch Landrieu said.

Landrieu and other officials held a news conference to talk about the strides being made to curb violence and murder.

The gang unit and NOLA for Life crime fighting strategies applauded for helping turn career criminals away from the streets.

'The group violence reduction strategy we are employing has conducted five call-ins, over 150 individuals from over 40 groups and gangs nearly 20 percent have asked for and participated in help,' Landrieu said.

U.S. District Attorney Kenneth Polite said criminals continue to be warned by authorities about the repercussions of violent crime, especially if prosecuted in the federal system.

'We have a 95 percent conviction rate. There is no bail set for them. They will sit in jail pending their trial or conviction,' Polite said.

So far this year, local, state and federal law enforcement agencies have successfully cracked down on gang activity. The Landrieu administration provided these numbers:

* In April 2013, indictments came down on the 7th Ward MMG Gang.

* May 2013, 15 members of 110-ers gang were indicted on 51 counts.

* June 2013, 7 members of the Allen family in Central City were indicted on 16 counts

* That same month (June), 20 members of the 3NG gang were indicted on 30 counts.

* August 2013, 8 members of the Taliban gang were indicted on 12 counts.

* September 2013- ride or die gang faced 20 counts.

* In October 2013, 7 members of the Hollygrove EBB gang were indicted on 25 counts.

Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro said more homicide cases are being prosecuted because of thorough detective work.

'Rather than dismissing 50 percent of homicides that the police bring us, we're almost to the point of accepting each and every one,' he said. 'It shows that they're doing a good job of putting those cases together.'

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