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UPDATE:As of Tuesday morning, the number of power outages listed on the site had dropped to a few hundred.

HAMMOND, La. -- More than 7,000 people were without power Monday night in Tangipahoa Parish, and with potentially record breaking cold, the situation could becom dangerous.

A lot of people stayed in their cars with the heater on, trying to stay warm. Some are just bundling up inside and hoping the power comes back on soon.

Kara Geraves' main concern when the power went out was taking care of 1-year-old Brennan.

'Just try to keep warm, play with him, keep him occupied,' she said.

Geraves is using candles and kerosene to light her home in unincorporated Hammond. She's one of about 7,000 Entergy customers on the Northshore who saw their power go out Monday night, and it has stayed out for hours.

It's a big concern as temperatures dip below freezing.

'We've just been trying to keep warm by keeping them bundled up,' she said.

Entergy crews spread throughout affected areas, trying to determine the cause and get the lights back on.

Meanwhile, residents cuddled up inside.

'It's probably a good 29 degrees in here now,' said Bridget Spinks.

And that means those Spinks considered finding a warmer place to sleep.

'I know it's dangerously cold outside and I know it's getting worse in here,' she said. 'Might have to seek shelter.'

Meanwhile, Geraves made the most of the situation and hoped the lights would be on soon.

'I'm just glad he's not scared of the dark.'

Entergy said more than 7,000 people were without power as of 10 p.m. Monday. They're hoping it's restored by midnight.

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