New Orleans, La. -- It's one of the most crucial factors in fighting and reducing crime in New Orleans, manpower. For years, the NOPD has been losing officers at a rate of 100 a year, and at the same time, struggling to find fresh faces. But, there's a new effort underway to get more officers on the street.

The NOPD is starting 2014 with new equipment, new police patrol SUV's, new motorcycles, even body cameras that will capture the action of both police and the public.

But, this recruitment event is targeting the one thing that the mayor and police superintendent say the NOPD needs the most, more officers. And, they are giving their best pitches for the job. 'There are 150 jobs right now in the city of New Orleans that are well paying, great benefits with NOPD, and we're going to keep doing this until we get it,' Mayor Mitch Landrieu said.

Chief Ronal Serpas says the new cars and the new equipment is all part of a package that should entice new recruits. 'Things are in place to support the officers,' Serpas said. 'We have new equipment coming online. We have new buildings being put online. Our pay and benefits are competitive and better than many in the region.'

Serpas says this is the first job fair the city has managed to put together in three years. Money has been hard to come by for recruitment. Now, $300,000 is being dedicated to find eager applicants like Jeffery Barber. 'I've already filled out my application. I'm ready to go now.'

Barber comes from a military background and is currently working construction. He says it is the excitement of police work that drew him in. For others, wearing the uniform would complete life-long goals. 'It's something I've been wanting to do,' said Christoper Loudermilk. 'It's something I wanted to do since I was a child.'

Applicants must be at least 20 years old, have a high school diploma or GED, along with other requirements. For more information check the Links on Four section of our website.

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