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ST. JAMES PARISH, La. -- Extra deputies were on duty at Lutcher High School when students arrived this morning, and also at St. James High across the river, where the principal said there were no problems.

'It's been a quiet day, which is a good thing for us. You know, we wanted to make it as normal a day as possible,' said St. James High Principal Michael Kennedy.

That follows a shooting that that took place just after St. James beat rival Lutcher in basketball Tuesday night.

Sheriff Willy Martin said 19-year-old Cowan Franklin was shot in the hip and legs when an argument broke out in the parking lot outside the school gym.

'That's when he pulled a gun and he fired numerous shots,' said St. James Parish Sheriff Willy Martin. 'It was a small caliber handgun. Mr. Franklin was hit at least four times.'

Deputies were on duty at the game, and within minutes they arrested 17-year-old Kylin Elder and charged him with attempted second-degree murder. The sheriff said they had argued earlier Tuesday and at other times.

'For some reason, just two guys who never got along at all during the school year,' said Martin. 'They were both Lutcher students at the beginning of the school year.'

'There were none of our students involved in this thing whatsoever, so that's the first thing that I would like our community to know,' said Kennedy.

The sheriff said the investigation is continuing, and the school principal said how they handled the incident last night will be reviewed to see if any changes need to be made.

'There may be some small things that we change, but I'm impressed by the protocol that we followed,' Kennedy said.

'We do not have a problem at St. James High School, or do we feel like we have a problem at either one of our high schools, with Lutcher. this is just one isolated incident,' Martin said.

Franklin remains in the hospital in stable condition, while Elder is in jail.

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