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NEW ORLEANS -- Ryan Reboul's new house in Lakeview is just months away from completion, and he can't wait to move his family in.

'We're very excited,' he said. 'I mean I grew up in this neighborhood.'

But the excitement dimmed when the property next door flooded Dec. 30. The entire property became a pool 6 to 8 inches deep because of a broken water pipe.

'Everybody that comes here immediately wants to know if we have fish in our lake,' Reboul said. 'We're glad that we, you know, we want to live near the lake, but not that close.'

The flood began spreading to Ryan's property and to the neighbor on the other side, submerging much of the front and back yards.

But he was astonished at the response from the Orleans Parish Sewerage & Water Board.

'Third time I called them, they assured me it was on the work order, but they couldn't give me any sort of time as to when they would be there,' he said. 'The seventh time we called, they assured me that someone had been out here to check the property, and that they said it was not an emergency.'

When the water board told Reboul this leak didn't deserve immediate attention, he emailed me, and when I saw it, I got my cell phone out and typed an email to them. It wasn't easy using my big fingers on the tiny pad, but I said this deserved immediate attention and they couldn't let it sit unrepaired.

They responded quickly.

'From the time you sent an email, I would say it was hours,' he said. 'It was probably two hours, I think, if not less. ... I'm very thankful.'

Now Ryan can go back to watching his house being finished.

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