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NEW ORLEANS -- If your life has ever been upended by cancer, you know the agonizing search for the silver lining.

For sisters Angelle Albright and Danielle Fournier, it's sewn in every stitch of the labor of love they can now afford to share with the world.

'Chemo beanies is the recipient of a $250,000 grant,' said Greg Jordan of Chase.

Tuesday morning, Chase Bank awarded the founders of Chemo Beanies a giant grant to grow their business, and Google invited them to their headquarters to personally train them in online marketing.

'We've always had a plan, but how do you execute a plan?' Albright said. 'The one thing that was missing was capital.'

The sisters' troubles seem far away and long ago, but theirs is a success born out of heartache and hope.

Three years ago, Fournier found out she had breast cancer, and that's when Albright found her purpose.

While doctors worked to save Fournier's life, Albright set out to save her self esteem, creating beanies to cradle her sister's balding head in warmth and style.

'I wore this one day at work,' Fournier said. 'They told me I looked sassy. I said I feel kind of sassy.'

The headwear fits tighter than a scarf and softer than a hat.

Albright knew just what she was looking for because she wished she'd had one when she was given just a 34 percent chance of survival when she battled breast cancer six years earlier.

Fast forward and the ordeal, as horrible as it was, is now something she can laugh about.

'If God hadn't given me the same hair as Howard Stern, none of this ever would have happened,' Albright said.

Chemo Beanies aren't meant to hide cancer; that's why chemo is in the name. Rather, they're meant to help the patient walk with her head held high.

'When I mail these things and I pack these things, I think about the woman I'm sending it to,' Fournier said.

Between 50 to 70 percent of start-ups reportedly fail within the first 18 months, but these ladies aren't afraid of odds. They've beaten them all so far only to survive and thrive.

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