NEWORLEANS- A16-year veteran of the NOPDhas been placed on emergency suspension without pay after allegations that she went to the home of another woman, followed her and then issued a threat if the woman didn't stop seeing a man whom they were both allegedly dating.

Carolyn Dalton was disciplined after the District Attorney's Office filed a Bill of Information indicating that she had committed malfeasance in office by using a computer in her patrol unit to look up the complainant's home and business address.

A complaint filed in St. Bernard Parish accused Dalton of going to the rival woman's home in Chalmette, follwing her in her car, using profanity and then threatening the woman if she didn't stop communication with the man.

St. Bernard Parish issued a restraining order against Dalton after the complaint.

An NOPDspokesperson said Dalton declined to provide a statement to the Public Integrity Bureau and that the investigation was then forwarded to the DA's office.

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