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NEW ORLEANS -- Jimmy Graham said despite being a free agent, he's not anxious heading into the offseason. He'll be training and ready.

'It is what it is, and I'm going to start training in about a week and a half and I'm just going to keep training and see what happens.'

Graham was at one of many NBAAll-Star weekend related events.

'This is my city. Not only do I love this city but I love our fans. I don't think there's any other fan base better in the NFL or really throughout any sport than there is in New Orleans. They love us through the thick and thin. Through moments up and down they're going to be with us and they're going to be in the 'Dome packed or they're going to be on the road whenever we're leaving, screaming Who Dat.

'For me that's special, and I always want to be apart of something like that.'

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