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Some quick thinking Marigny residents thwarted the theft of a piece of local artwork from renowned artist Banksy.

Friday afternoon residents noticed that plywood had been put up around the work located on the corner of North Rampart and Kerlerec streets.

When one concerned resident went to figure out what was going on, he says he found at least four people cutting the work known as the 'Umbrella Girl' out of the wall of the building.

'They said they were removing the piece to take it to a museum,' said Tracie Ashe, a Marigny resident. 'They didn't specify which museum, and then he asked them for their permit. They didn't have a permit. He also asked them who the owner was and if they had the owner's permission and they wouldn't give the owner's name. When he kept questioning them about that, they packed up their equipment and left.'

'It's a little bit scary because the wall definitely needs to be repaired. It could possibly be a load-bearing corner.'

Residents in the area say that a security guard will stay on site Friday to make sure the alleged thieves don't come back.

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