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NEW ORLEANS -- New arrest warrants are out for former Saints player Darren Sharper, this time issued by the New Orleans Police Department in two alleged rape cases in Orleans Parish.

It's unclear if Sharper will turn himself in or if local authorities will head to California to get him.

'The stakes have been dramatically increased for Darren Sharper and Erik Nunez. They were the subjects of arrest warrants issued by the New Orleans Police Department for aggravated rape,' said Eyewitness News Legal Analyst Donald 'Chick' Foret.

The criminal cases are stacking up against Sharper. The 38-year-old is now under investigation for a total of eight alleged rapes and 11 druggings in four states. The latest charges were filed against him and an acquaintance on Friday in Orleans Parish.

'If I was representing Mr. Sharper, I would waive extradition. I would make a fugitive bond. I would ask the court to allow him to come back to Louisiana,' said Foret.

The NOPD says two women claimed they were raped last September by Sharper and 26-year-old Erik Nunez. Nunez's Facebook page says he's an event coordinator with the NFL. The page also has a flyer on it for an event, The Football Camp for Her, hosted annually by Sharper's agent.

An initial police incident report obtained by Eyewitness News says the rape happened at 701 Tchoupitoulas in the Warehouse District on September 23 at 10 am. The report doesn't mention a second victim and doesn't mention a second suspect.

Now police say a second victim claims she was raped by both Sharper and Nunez in the same apartment as the first victim on Sept. 23.

'If he chooses to fight extradition, the State of Louisiana more specifically the District Attorney's Office in New Orleans will send the Governor's warrant to California. They will cross the T's and dot the I's. Two New Orleans Police Department officers will fly to California and physically bring him back here,' said Foret.

Last week, Sharper pleaded not guilty to rape and drugging allegations in California. A judge posted his bond at $1 million.

Sharper was ordered to stay in L.A. County and out of clubs, bars or any venue where alcohol is being sold.

The NOPD says anyone convicted of aggravated rape will be sentenced to life in prison at hard labor and isn't eligible for parole, probation or suspension of sentence.

Police say Nunez hasn't been taken into custody yet.

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