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An hour early, customers lined up for the Hansen's Snow Bliz 75th anniversary.

'My mom passed away last week, and we had her funeral yesterday,' said Carol Davis, 'and when I was a kid, we used to come here, and stand in line for a few hours to get our snowballs, so it is a pilgrimage.'

'I'm eating some curry that I made last night,' said Alex Treiger. When asked what snowball goes with curry, he replied, 'Well, I've been waiting a really long time so I'm getting the favorite, coconut.'

The Hansens were so excited they opened a week early, not knowing if anyone would show up.

'I was shocked, we have never had an opening day like this,' said Allison Hansen Mullis.

'It was supposed to be warmer today,' Ashley Hansen said with an apologetic grin. 'It was time, it was time to get going, it was time to have a snowball.'

Ashley and Allison's grandparents Ernest and Mary opened Hansens in 1939, Ernest, a machinist designing, building, and patenting the machine still used today, and Mary using secret recipes to make fresh syrups.

'For me, it is a very sentimental moment, and I know that they're here in spirit,' said Ashley.

The crowd flooded in, waiting patiently as each Sno Bliz was carefully created under Ashley's supervision.

There's another camera crew here today, taking video for the prestigious James Beard Foundation, because they just named Hansen's an American classic.

'My parents would be so happy to see this,' said their son, retired judge Gerard Hansen.

Customers left happy. 'My mouth is frozen,' said Carol. 'How good is it? really good, just like I remembered it.' 'I got blueberry and coconut,' added Alex, saying it went well with curry.

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