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HOUSTON - BPsaid Tuesday that it has finished the nearly four-year cleanup of the Gulf Coast that resulted from the Deepwater Horizon accident.

The company said it finished the patrols and operations on the final three miles of shoreline in Louisiana. The company said it had finished its operations in Florida, Alabama and Mississippi in June 2013.

'Reaching this milestone is the result of the extraordinary efforts of thousands of people from BP, local communities, government agencies, and academic institutions working together,' said John Minge, Chairman and President of BP America.

'Immediately following the Deepwater Horizon accident, BP committed to cleaning the shoreline and supporting the Gulf's economic and environmental recovery. Completing active cleanup is further indication that we are keeping that commitment.'

The cleanup that followed the Deepwater Horizon was massive in scope and the accident and subsequent spill fouled miles of coastline, beaches and wetlands.

The company did say that it would keep resources in place to respond to any future reports of oil that are attributed to the spill.

BPsaid the longstanding procedure for future reports of oil is for the Coast Guard to investigate, identify the source and then direct the responsible party to clean up.

People can report possible sightings of oil-based material to the National Response Center by calling 1-800-424-8802.

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