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NEWORLEANS-- The line stretches around the corner when lunch is served at the St. Jude Community Center, with families living on minimum wage, senior citizens and those who lost jobs.

For each, this meal is critical.

'There's always a need for food, Bill,' said Glenn Turner, who runs the program. 'We average some 250 to 300 meals a day, including breakfast and lunch, and that's five times a week.'

'There are more than 300,000 people in southeast Louisiana and southwest Louisiana combined that are at-risk for hunger every single day,' said Second Harvest Executive Director Natalie Jayroe. 'They're really wondering where their next meal is coming from.'

The Second Harvest food warehouse in Elmwood serves 40,000 meals a week through 240 food banks in 23 parishes, and it is a struggle to obtain enough food to keep families from going hungry.

'We're just simply another stop after the grocery store, because people just don't have enough to get by from month to month,' said Jayroe.

So they'll be watching the Outnumber Hunger concert, thankful that the entertainers want to help fight hunger.

'There's a huge, huge issue of hunger in America, more than we even knew about,' said Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line. 'So everybody can do something. It's not going to hurt your wallet. Buy a couple of boxes of General Mills food, and you get a ton of meals for people that need it, so it's really cool.'

Donations to Outbumber Hunger go to Feeding America, which serves food banks nationwide, including Second Harvest.

'Roughly half the meals we distribute every year, or 10 million meals, are made available to us as a result of our relationship with Feeding America, so it is critically important,' said Jayroe.

General Mills has specially marked boxes of the company's products with the Outnumber Hunger logo. Just go to the agency's website, enter the code from the product container and General Mills will donate five meals to Feeding America, which will distribute them to food banks nationwide, including Second Harvest in New Orleans.

Outnumber Hunger is a partnership between General Mills and our parent company Gannett.

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