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NEW ORLEANS -- The pile of bricks, smashed door, and the hole in the wall next to it mark the spot where the truck crashed into Thelma Hines' home.

Inside, she fights back tears, still unable to believe what happened.

'I keep on seeing things. This was a nightmare, and I've been having nightmares ever since.'

When the truck smashed into her home, buckling her bedroom wall, Thelma thought the roar was a tornado.

'I didn't know what happened, and I just fell on the floor and started screaming and hollering.'

Cell phone photos show the damage that night. Thelma was horrified when police told her the driver had been shot to death.

'Even though I had seen the front of that truck, I still couldn't believe it.'

It's been more than a week since the incident, and you can see the repair process hasn't even started. And that's the problem. Thelma can't get it started.

'I'm wondering how in the world I'm going to get it fixed so I can live in it again,' Thelma said.

Police say the driver was not insured, and the 74-year-old former nurse is now on disability. Her income now is too small for her to have insurance.

'I don't have it, I couldn't afford it. After a while I couldn't afford insurance.'

Thelma has lived here for 35 years, but now has trouble sleeping and eating as she wonders what her future will be.

'I got to get my house fixed somehow, because this is all I got, and I got to stay here. I got to find some way to stay in here.'

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