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ANGIE, La. - The search for an escaped inmate in Washington Parish extended past 24 hours Monday.

Big guns and blood hounds scattered across the northeast area with the same target; 52-year-old Patrick Martin.

The Rayburn Correctional inmate, who was serving time for armed robbery, allegedly walked away from a barn on the back of the property Sunday afternoon. That's where authorities said dogs had tracked his scent. The warden said Martin had been assigned to care for horses as a trusty for a few years and only had three years left on his sentence.

'The fact that he escaped, that lends to desperation; a desperate act and we would like everybody to consider him dangerous,' said Warden Robert Tanner.

Because of that potential danger, every car going to and from the facility, within four miles, was checked and warned to be on the lookout.

Resident Thalicia Smith said, 'I know we live right by the prison and he may be gone by now. If not, he's not gonna get gone because they're gonna find him.'

Resident Brian Jefferson says the escape does concern him but, 'I think they're doing a good job. I think they will get him so I'm not too much worried about it.'

In the meantime, authorities are hoping the challenging environment and a chain-smoking habit will help the search end sooner, rather than later.

'He's walked into some of the most difficult terrain you can imagine. Briar bushes, thicket, swamp, it's very heavily forested out there,' said Tanner.

Chief Mike Haley, with the Washington Parish Sheriff's Office, who is assisting in the search, said, 'We certainly don't believe he's very familiar with this area so we're hoping, if he's in this area, that he's laying low somewhere and we'll eventually stumble upon him.'

Authorities have even extended their efforts into Ohio, where Martin is from, to bring the search to a safe end, for all.

'We talked to the family and they're hoping that he turns himself in,' said Tanner.

The warden says in addition to criminal escape charges, which could tack on five years, when caught, Martin also faces internal disciplinary action, which starts with the loss of all good time earned before the escape.

Prison officials say if you see Martin, don't approach him or try to talk to him, just call 9-1-1.

The last time Rayburn had an escape was 1995.

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