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NEW ORLEANS -- It was the decade that spawned the Civil Rights Movement, introduced us to the color television, and showed us the sway of Elvis Presley.

The 1950's were reborn in the gym of St. Dominic school as the class of '59 held its 55 year reunion.

'A 55-year grammar school reunion, that doesn't happen too often. It may happen with a low attendance, but we have 150 people coming and only about 20 didn't graduate in '59,' said Benny 'Grunch' Antin, a class of '59 graduate.

It took months of planning, weeks of decorations and dozens of phone calls, but a party first meant for a few dozen, turned into night of more than a hundred.

Vee Cambre was the brainchild behind the celebration and said stepping into the gym instantly took her back to her days in middle school.

'It makes me cry because every single step you take in this building, you can remember back fifty years,'she said.

Fifty years ago, NASA broke ground and hula hoops were all the craze.

Former Louisiana Lt. Gov. Jimmy Fitzmorris said he enjoys catching up with his old classmates after decades of public service.

'I have always had a great feeling for people,' he said. 'Coming back and meeting with old friends and hearing what happened to them after Katrina and things like that, it has been a very nostalgic evening for me.'

'The best part is meeting everybody again. The funny thing is nobody changes. I think everyone looks the same. We put on a little pounds but that's it,' said classmate Sue De Montluzin.

You could call it a welcome back party or another trip down memory lane. The class of '59 will tell you it feels like they never left home.

'I still live in this neighborhood. It's like I'm back, but just really late for school,' Antin said.

Another special guest Saturday was Harry Connick, Sr., former District Attorney and the father of jazz great Harry Connick, Jr.

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