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SLIDELL, La. -- Nine people are behind bars, and police say more arrests are imminent, after a fight in the parking lot of a Slidell restaurant last night.

Police say nearly 30 people were involved in the incident that involved a stun gun and a gun.

The lunch crowd was filing in to the new Cheddar's Casual Cafe in Slidell on Monday. It was a much calmer scene than dinnertime the night before.

'We saw these men punching these girls, so we went to help them and they came at us, and we just started fighting,' said Lawnajah Harvey, 15.

Slidell police say it started when two families passed each other at the entrance. One made a derogatory comment about the appearance of a woman in the other group. That's when the fight broke out in the parking lot.

Soon after, four of the Harvey brothers say they jumped in.

'I was raised to where if you see a man put his hands on female, you jump in try to help,' Harvey said.

That's when police say Shawn Sorrell used a stun gun and a hand gun, causing a graze wound to the leg of an innocent bystander. She's charged with attempted first-degree murder.

So far nine people have been arrested, including two of the older Harvey brothers, who say they were trying to help.

The Slidell police chief said people who witness a fight and jump in to try to break it up, will be arrested. He said getting involved in the fight is a good way to get seriously hurt or killed.

'Anyone that was involved in any kind of way, you going to jail. I want to make it clear, that this will not be tolerated this type of criminal activity,' said Slidell Police Chief Randy Smith.

The Harvey brothers' mother says this type of criminal activity is unusual for St. Tammany Parish.

'My 16-year-old right now, he's petrified. He said, 'Ma, this was a lady with a gun,'' said Michelle Harvey.

'We're lucky nobody was killed. It could have easily turned the other way,' Smith said.

At this point, police don't believe the two families knew each other, but they say the investigation is ongoing.

Those arrested so far include:

- Shawn Sorrell, 32-year-old female, 5 counts attempted first-degree murder, 2 counts of disturbing the peace by fighting.

- Harry Sorrell III, 46-year-old male, second-degree battery

- Barry Sorrell, 42-year-old male, disturbing the peace by fighting

- Unnamed 16-year-old, disturbing the peace by fighting.

- Dionne Garrett, 35-year-old female, disturbing the peace by fighting.

- Tanya Garrett, 37-year-old female, disturbing the peace by fighting.

- Emanuel Terrell, 20-year-old male, disturbing the peace by fighting.

- Lawrence Harvey, 20-year-old male, disturbing the peace by fighting, resisting an officer with violence.

- Leonard Harvey, Jr., 22-year-old male, disturbing the peace by fighting, interfering with a law enforcement investigation.

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