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KENTWOOD, La. -- A Tangipahoa Parish family is counting its blessings after a strong summer storm sent a tree crashing into their house.

Inside, 4-month-old twins were fast asleep and hit by falling debris.

'Thank God. Thank God. He was there. He watched them babies,' Vickie Avery said while surveying the damage outside her daughter's home.

Just hours after a tree came crashing down onto Kerry Ebarb's Kentwood house, the 22-year-old was still in shock. Our camera was rolling to capture the emotional reunion with her mom Tuesday night. Grandma also got a chance to hold her twin grandchildren tightly.

The 4-month-old twins were both hit by falling debris when part of the roof collapsed on the sleeping babies in the 400 block of Avenue H.

'I actually thought to start with that the tree got hit by lightning and fell, and like the whole house started shaking real bad. I couldn't stand up. And I saw just a gush of what I thought was black smoke. And to start with, I thought it was fire. I ran in there to grab them and saw debris and stuff all over them,' Ebarb said.

Ebarb said a strong storm packing high winds and rain caused the tree to suddenly snap, filling her new house with roofing insulation, rain and now mud.

The mother of three managed to reach Alex and Ally, pulling part of the roof off of her daughter, who was then taken by ambulance to the hospital for a cautionary check up.

'Thank God everybody is okay,' Ebarb said smiling at her twins.

Besides a scratch or two on her daughter's face, this Tangipahoa family can't help but feel gratitude despite the storm damage to their house.

'They've lost everything, but what's most important is they're still here. Them babies, her, they're still here,' said Avery.

According to Tangipahoa Parish fire officials, another home in the Kentwood-area was damaged by a falling tree during the severe thunderstorm. Some homes lost power.

The National Weather Service detected a severe thunderstorm in the area capable of producing quarter size hail and damaging winds in excess of 60 mph.

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