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NEW ORLEANS -- You can wave to the DJs at Delgado's Dolphin Radio as you pass the campus station. You can hear Tony Bennett, Li'l Wayne, Led Zeppelin, music from other countries, and lots more, all on one station.

'It's the International Hip Hop show, so I'm just trying to play all kinds of Spanish type music,' said student DJ Greg Young, known on the air as Mustache Pete.

'I'm a rap fanatic myself, so that's why I'm actually sitting in here, trying to get all the bad words out of my lyrics,' laughed student DJ Jeremy Johnson, known on the air as DJ Double J.

The 60 students give Dolphin Radio a unique sound.

'Dolphin Radio is a blast to listen to,' said Delgado Mass Communications Instructor Bob Dunn. 'All right, I'm an old guy and listen to the radio station.'

But you have to be on campus or use a computer to hear Dolphin Radio, as the tiny transmitter only has one tenth of a watt of power. But they just got Federal Communications Commission permission for a 100 watt transmitter so they could reach most of the city.

'Delgado is one of only seven community colleges nationwide to be issued a construction permit to allow power FM station,' said Dunn.

They're looking for a new, powerful transmitter. The problem is finding the $7,500 needed to buy the transmitter and antenna.

So they're turning to social media for donations.

'We have raised right now just shy of about $1,200,' said Dunn.

Broadcasting citywide could make them the next radio stars in New Orleans and start careers.

'I think it would be great,' said Greg Young.

'You'd be able to broadcast all over the place, and possibly get heard by somebody like WWL,' Jeremy Johnson said.

For details about the fund raising campaign, visit their website at

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