Jordan Gribble / Houma Courier

Kathleen Shaffer, 54, is being treated at Terrebonne General Medical Center with injuries to her left arm, legs, throat and chest.

'The doctor said he couldn't even count the bites on me,' Shaffer said during a hospital interview today.

Shaffer said she was picking up trash that had fallen out of her garbage can in her Orange Street home about 5 a.m. Sunday when her 70-pound pit bull, Bubba, attacked her.

The dog dragged her out of her home and into the front yard, she said.

'He took my pants completely off and was gnawing down my legs,' she said. 'I tried to keep his mouth open and away from me, but he just kept biting me,' she said.

She managed to get to a garden hose to spray the dog in the face as the attack continued.

'When I sprayed him in the face he just started looking around to start coming at me from the other direction,' she said.

The attack went on for around 45 minutes, Shaffer said.

'I wanted to just give up, thinking that would stop him from biting, but he didn't. But as long as I stayed still he just kept biting,' she said.

Shaffer then tried to distract the dog by calling his attention to something else.

'I said 'get 'em boy' and pointed under the trailer. Once he was under my trailer, I got inside,' she said.

Shaffer said she was able to lure Bubba back into the house using slices of roast beef. She then slammed the door behind him and made her way to her neighbor's house.

Shaffer said she's afraid she won't be able to walk again.

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