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NEW ORLEANS -- It's a tradition that has been around for decades. The Mardi Gras Indians have been marching through neighborhoods bringing more culture and heritage to any festival or celebration.

This week the group is set to kick off its Hall of Fame week, and it's said to be something families should look forward to.

'It is bigger than people who mask as Mardi Gras and dress as black Indians. It is much bigger than that,' said Cherise Harrison-Nelson, co-founder of the Mardi Gras Indians Hall of Fame. 'People get to get a glimpse into what we would do. You will see suited out Indians, you we will see traditional drumming and my favorite part, dancing. Lots and lots of dancing.'

The celebration is all about bringing together culture and pride to each community.

'The Hall of Fame is an educational entity, and secondly we perpetuate the traditions and preserve the traditions in an interactive, community-based way,' Harrison-Nelson said. 'Through this tradition we found a way to remember where we came from. One bead and one stone at a time we have been able to stitch ourselves back to our ancestral home land and celebrate it in a very contemporary way that is uniquely New Orleans.'

You will see beautifully decorated suits along with dancing, educational opportunities, and all the music you can handle.

The kickoff is honoring the flag boy and gang flag this year. It's something Asmar Clark of Young Generation Indians has looked forward to since last year.

'Everything we do put our time in. There is no way we can get this done in one day. It not something we take for granted and it is not something we want everyone else to take for granted,' Clark said.

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