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NEW ORLEANS --Superintendent Ronal Serpas says two people, including the suspected gunman, were arrested in connection with the shooting on Burgundy Street that killed two people and wounded five others Sunday.

Blair Taylor, 21, has been booked on two counts of first-degree murder and five counts of attempted first-degree murder.

Also arrested was Jeffery Rivers, 25, the alleged get-away driver. He was booked with two counts of principal to first-degree murder and five counts of principal to attemtped first-degree murder. Police believe he supplied the gun and getaway car in the shooting.

Serpas said the men were caught through tips police received from Crimestoppers and NOPD detectives.

Serpas also said they they believe they have recovered the murder weapon and that ballistic tests tie it to the crime scene.

NOPD asked the State Police to look for a gray SUV in eastern New Orleans. Authorities found the vehicle near Chef Menteur Highway, and after a short chase, Taylor was arrested by police.

Serpas said neither Taylor nor Rivers is cooperating with the investigation.

Police recovered the gun they believed was used during a search at a house in eastern New Orleans, along with a Honda that police that is connected to the shooting.

Serpas said police expect to make at least one more arrest in connection with the shooting.

The shooting Sunday evening in the 5400 block of Burgundy Street left 33-year-old Terrance McBride and 16-year-old Jasmine Anderson dead, and it injured five others, including Alanna Romain and her two children, 4-year-old Kyle and 2-year-old Jamal who remain in critical condition. The boys were shot in the head and Alanna reportedly has a gunshot wound to the stomach.

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