NEW ORLEANS -- The price of success and the overflowing of support of Saints fans is becoming a safety hazard for the team and fans when the Saints return from road trips.

'In recent weeks, the number of people lining the streets at the airport has grown to the point where it is now a safety issue,' said a statememt from the team. 'With that said, we need to recognize the potential dangers to having small children on very crowded streets approaching moving vehicles.'

Each week as the Saints have won, more and more people have swamped Louis Armstrong Airport when the team returns from a road game to congratulate the team and get autographs from players. Security had to be added to accommodate the throngs of fans.

'We are asking that all of our great fans refrain from approaching the cars of Saints players and officials as they depart the airport. And we please ask that you refrain seeking autographs as the players depart.'

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