I feel drained, I feel numb. I just feel so content and happy for the people of New Orleans and all of the people through the years that followed this team through all of the bad times, to be rewarded like this. To think that in 2005 we went through the very worst of times and four and a half years later we're going through the best of times and maybe it's sweeter because we went through such horrible times in 2005.

I still can't wrap my arms around it (the emotion). I think Katrina had a lot to do with it as well as the Saints lack of success through the years. I've heard so many people say, 'I wish I could share this with my father, or my grandfather. It's a special time.

The fans

These people deserve it so much. I wasn't in the stands, but in the booth, but I have to imagine that it felt almost like a home game for the Saints. The support for the Saints in the stands was almost 10-1, the 'Who Dat' chants during warm ups. I don't think you can give enough credit to these fans, how they have pushed this team to the brink and beyond.

On the game

Early on it looked like the Saints had some opening night jitters. The Colts just moved the ball down the field with Peyton Manning pushing all the right buttons.

You have to give Garrett Hartley a lot of credit. The field goals he made, any one of which if he had missed would have taken a lot of momentum away, but he kicks a 46 and 44 yarder in the second quarter and another long one later.

I think the mood at halftime for the Saints had to be good. They were trailing by only four and had to be thinking they'd only scored six points and they were going to score a lot more with this offense.

Then, the call, never having attempted an onsides kick since 2006, against Dallas, to pull that out of the hat and make it work to begin the third quarter just showed the way Sean Payton and this team has always played pedal to the metal. They weren't going to play with a short stick. Even with the pressure's on, they played as the aggressor and that set the tone for the second half.

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