NEWORLEANS- There is one small downside to the Saints winning the Super Bowl; they ruined the NFL Draft.

Ok, maybe ruined is too strong a word but they at the very least made it less enjoyable. I'm not complaining because going 13-3 and winning a Super Bowl is 1,000 times better than going 3-13 and obsessing over who the Saints select with the #3 pick.

The NFL Draft is a day for the losers. All the teams that couldn't complete a 10-yard pass (Cleveland), don't have a quarterback (St. Louis), have a terrible coach (Tampa), or didn't win the Super Bowl (Colts). This is their night.

The draft is their time to shine. It gives them hope. In Buffalo Bills fans are probably telling themselves, 'If we can get Jimmy Clausen and a couple other guys then we can turn this train wreck around. It can be 1990 all over again!'

The NFL Draft is basically a three-day infomercial teams use to try and sell tickets.

I know we, the Detroit Lions, have been an embarrassment for a decade but look we drafted Ndamukong Suh! Plus, we signed some free agents so all our problems are solved.

The NFL Draft is hope and like Morgan Freeman said in Shawshank Redemption, 'Hope is a good thing.'

Except for the first time ever as a Saints fan I don't need hope. I've replaced hope for next season with a Saints Super Bowl clock and world champion beer mugs.

I'm not knocking the draft, I know it's important and when Mike Ditka turned it into his personal circus by trading the Saints entire 1999 draft for Ricky Williams I loved it.

Ditka and Ricky was an unbeatable combo. He was going to run the Saints to the Super Bowl. He would have except for all the funky cigarettes and the fact Ditka decided to put under center whichever random Billy Joe showed up on game day.

What do we have to look forward to from the draft this year? The Saints filling Scott Fujita's departure and getting a replacement for Charles Grant so they can repeat as champs.

Great. I'm all for it. Just don't tell me it's as fun as picking in the top 5.

The draft is on Thursday night so I hope ESPN doesn't cut to SportsCenter before the Saints make their pick to wrap up the first round. Although to think of it, seeing Mel Kiper and Todd McShay argue over the Saints pick as ESPN is turning off the lights might be pretty cool.

I tried to get myself fired up for the draft. I ordered Mike Detillier's draft guide and looked at the great players who the Saints have no shot at picking (Gerald McCoy) and the under achievers with personal problems who they do (Terrance Cody).

Maybe the Saints will do something crazy like draft Tim Tebow in the 2nd Round. That would be awesome. Tebow wouldn't play but he could star in his own reality show, 'Tebow on Bourbon Street'. The show would follow Tim around as he sees all the craziness of Mardi Gras, experiences his first drive through Daiquiri, and quite possibly gets a little nuts in the French Quarter. I'd watch that show. You'd watch that show.

I haven't even been able to find some crazy trade rumor involving the Saints. Albert Haynesworth for Jamaal Brown never really had any legitimacy.

I should just start a rumor the Saints are talking to the Raiders about trading Robert Meachem, Gumbo, and Jamaal Brown to the Raiders for Nnamdi Asomugha, the Raiders #1 pick, and four Al Davis track suits.

Of course the Saints front office better nail the draft because since they raised the price of my tickets by 14 percent my feel good glow from the Super Bowl started to fade once I opened my bill.

I expect a 14 percent better product in 2010. Last year the Saints went 16-3 which meant they won 84 percent of their games. So this coming season they better go at least 17-2 or I'm not getting my money's worth.

I know some of you think I'm being unreasonable and should just be grateful I still have season tickets to buy.

The Saints raised my expectations so if they struggle this year and everyone says, 'They did win the Super Bowl last year so you shouldn't complain.'

Yes I should and so should you. What product's price went up 14 percent in this economy?

At this rate I'm about five years from crying uncle and forgoing the Superdome for the Sunday ticket from my den.

You thought the Saints winning a title would turn my column into nothing but lollipops and sunshine? It's only April and I'm in midseason complain form.

I still love the draft just not as much. FYI: If all the teams take their full allotted time of 10 minutes to select the Saints will be on the clock at around 11:30 pm. And you thought waiting for the Saints to pick when they drafted 26th in 2007 was unbearable.

I might have to concoct some drinking game to pass the time. Anytime Mel Kiper says things like, 'Reach, size, quickness, good value, production, or undersized.' I'll be sipping something only 21-year-olds can buy.

The NFL Draft means spring has arrived and the football season is coming into view out in the distance.
As for who the Saints will pick I have no idea. I'll guess Jerry Hughes from TCU. They need more pass rush and he can do that. I
know because Mel Kiper told me.

If the Saints winning the Super Bowl ruins the draft every year I can definitely live with it. I guess that's just the price of going from the out house to the penthouse.

Ralph Malbrough is a Saints fan living in Houston. Email him at, find him on facebook, or listen to his Saints draft night podcast at

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