New Orleans is still clawing and battling on offense and defense, trying to put together that full, complete game. This could be the week. Arizona is statistically one of the worst teams in the NFL.

The Saints' three wins have been by 5, 3 and 2 points with the lone loss to Atlanta coming by 3.

Look for people all to leap onto the Saints' bandwagon for this one. New Orleans opened as a 7-point road favorite.

It's All History
This is a young series relatively speaking, with only 25 games in the books. And in those games, the Saints trail 12-13. But the past six games have been split. This will be the first time the teams have played in Arizona's relatively new stadium.

Nine of 25 games have been decided by 9 points or fewer. The largest regular season defeat was Arizona's 40-7 win over New Orleans on Oct. 5, 1980. The Saints' biggest win, which isn't counted in the series breakdown but counts to me, was January's 45-14 win in the NFC playoffs.

New Orleans' highest point output in a regular season game is 34 points in a 34-24 win on Sept. 23, 1984. The Saints have never been shutout, but were kept to a field goal in a 30-3 loss on Dec. 6, 1981.

The Saints have kept Arizona to a field goal once, a 27-3 win on Dec. 22, 1991. The largest output by the Cardinals in the series is 49 points in a 49-31 win over the Saints on Nov. 23, 1977.

Offensive problems? Statistics say no.
OK, so that subhead there is a little misleading. The offense isn't scoring points like it has in the past and that's an issue. But statistically speaking, the Saints offense is starting to run

Don't believe me? Well, check this out:
The Saints rank fifth in the NFL in passing yards per game at 270.8;
The Saints rank fifth in the NFL in third-down conversion percentage at 46 percent;
The Saints are tied for seventh in the NFL in first down with 82;
The Saints lead the NFL in yards after catch with 522, which is 29 more than Denver.

That's not so bad and it's further proof that the offense might be closer to breaking out that everyone thinks.

Comparatively speaking
Let's do some comparing between the Saints and Cardinals:

Points scored/allowed: Saints (79/72), Cardinals (58/118)
Sacked/yards lost: Saints (7/48), Cardinals (15/129)
Yards per game: Saints (344.0), Cardinals (249.0)
Yards per game allowed: Saints (334.5), Cardinals (388.0)
Turnover margin: Saints (plus-2), Cardinals (minus-6)

2010 3's Company (offensive third-down analysis)
50 plays overall of which 7 were runs and 43 were passes. They have averaged 3.86 yards per run and 5.44 yards per pass play.
Third-and-short (1-2 yards) - 6 runs, 4 first downs; 9 passes, 7 first downs
Third-and-(3-5) - 0 run, 0 first down; 12 passes, 4 first downs
Third-and-(6-10) - 0 runs, 0 first downs; 15 passes, 8 first downs
Third-and-(11-15) - 1 run, 0 first down; 2 passes, 0 first downs
Third-and-(16-plus) - 0 runs, 0 first downs; 5 passes, 0 first downs

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