NEW ORLEANS There was more testimony from current NOPD officers in the trial of fivecurrent or former policemen accused in the death or the cover-up of a man who was shot by officers and whose body was burned in a car in the days after Katrina.

Sergeant Andre LeBlanc, a 10-year veteran who was a patrolman at the time of the incident, was on the stand Friday.

He testified that he got a call to go back to the temporary police station set up at an Algiers elementary school and that's where LeBlanc says he ran into Henry Glover's mother. Glover is the man whose death is at the center of the case. LeBlanc saidGlover's mother was very upset and she outlined all of the steps she had taken to try to find out about her son's death.

LeBlanc said Glover's mother said she went to the morgue, the hospital and was upset that several days had passed since she had seen him.

LeBlanc said he filed a police report and notified supervisors.

Also testifying was officer Purnella Simmons who said she got a call from the partner of the man who is accused of shooting Glover David Warren.

Simmons said the partner, Linda Howard, was very upset at the fact that Warren had shot someone.

Legal analyst Donald 'Chick' Foret said Simmons' mannerisms were hard to read.

'She seemed very quiet, very demure, hesitant almost,' he said. 'Is she hesitant because of the quality of her information, was she afraid?'

Foret said he thinks the government sees Simmons as a critical witness who can tie together a number of things.

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