Bradley Handwerger / Sports Reporter

METAIRIE, La. Saints receiver Marques Colston sat out a week of preseason practice but was steadfast that it was nothing serious and that he'd return sooner rather than later.

On Sunday, he stayed true to his word, returning after sitting out six practices in seven days while also missing Friday's preseason opener.

The question now is will he play in Saturday's second preseason game at Houston?

'Definitely,' Colston said. 'I'm going to keep working throughout the week and give it a go on Sunday.'

Late this past week, Colston said one of the issues he was having was trying to find out where the irritation was coming from.

Sunday, Colston said it was just a matter of giving the knee rest and letting it work back into football condition.

As for whether he'll miss future practices to give the knee some rest, Colston didn't give a definitive answer.

'It's just going to be a matter of managing it and getting it football-ready,' Colston said.'Going from a lot of straight line running and lifting, it's totally different when you get on the field and start running routes. You get your body in situations you really can't train for. I'm transitioning back into that and it shouldn't be an issue moving forward.'

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