Bradley Handwerger / Sports Reporter

METAIRIE, La. Ronde Barber watched the Saints loss to St. Louis and made mental checks as to what worked.

What he saw wasn't what he necessarily sees on a regular basis and it certainly wasn't what he saw in Brees' dismantling of Indianapolis.

'He was as sharp as he was in the Indianapolis game,' Barber said. 'Indianapolis plays a lot of Cover 2 and Drew is a Cover 2 monster. He just eats it up. I think St. Louis mixed up some of the looks, gave him some looks I haven't seen New Orleans face a lot.

'Maybe that was a key to it.'

Sandwiching Brees' masterful five-touchdown-to-only-four-incompletion performance against the Colts were two interception-filled games that contributed to two Saints' losses.

Against Tampa Bay (26-20 loss) and St. Louis (31-21 loss), Brees was a combined 59 of 89 for 652 yards with two touchdowns and five interceptions.

But that's not the Brees Barber said the Buccaneers are expecting.

'We know how he is,' the veteran safety said. 'We know they protect the ball. He's as good as anybody in the league doing it though his numbers were up last year and he had two last week. We know how good he can be and that's what we expect every time we play him.'

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