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NEW ORLEANS -- First lady Michelle Obama dropped by the Royal Castle Child Development Center in Hollygrove Tuesday afternoon. Her visit focused on encouraging healthy living.

'We're jumping in a circle until it's time to stop!' sang a classroom full of kids.

It's not everyday that students get to jump, march and brush up on their 1-2-3's with the first lady. However, students at Royal Castle got to do just that on Tuesday afternoon.

'I feel really honored that she came here at Royal Castle, it was really awesome,' said Pearlie Harris, director of the children's center.

The visit highlighting the school's involvement with a special 'Eat, Sleep, Play' program that works to improve kid's health and end child obesity.

'This is called lunch. It's about a mouse eating good, healthy food,' the first lady said while reading a book to a captivated audience.

After storytelling and a little exercise, kids and grown-ups alike walked away inspired.

'I think it was really great. She exercised with everyone. Everyone got involved all the parents and all the kids. It was nice,' said parent Rysen Parnell.

'It was awesome. I was truly blessed for my son to be here. To see her, hug her and hear her read to him,' said parent Tanae Mason.

The first lady's visit left a lasting impression for many parents, staff and kids at the school.

'I'm more happy then he is,' joked Mason, who knows her son is too young to fully comprehend who stopped by. But a group snapshot will serve as a reminder.

Michelle Obama also attended a private fundraising event Tuesday in New Orleans for the Democratic National Committee.

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