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Mackie Shilstone / East Jefferson General Hospital Fitness & Nutrition Expert

Throughout the month of November, each Monday on Eyewitness News at 5, I'll be giving you my 'Five at 5,' with things to add to your diet for better health, or combating some common health issues. This week, we're talking about my top 5 fruit juices.

The research on these juices comes from the 2011 Experimental Biology meeting. It is important to point out that the juices are without sugars, colors, or preservatives added. It is always best to eat the whole food first, especially if you are diabetic or on a weight loss program.

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Here are the five:

  1. Cranberry Juice - research tends to support cranberry juice's ability to fight urinary infections
  2. Pomegranate Juice - may help decrease LDL cholesterol, a very powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It may also help men prevent prostate cancer. High source of cancer-fighting Polyphenols.
  3. Grape Juice - supports brain function by protecting cognitive decline. The darker the grape, the better. The active ingredient is grape seed extract, and hidden inside is resveratoral, which may be the secret to its powers a powerful compound found inside grapes and wine.
  4. Grapefruit Juice - may help to lower the change of developing respiratory and digestive cancers. May interact with certain medications, so you should consult your doctor first. It has the highest sugar content of many juices, but doesn't seem to negatively impact diabetics.
  5. Orange Juice - important fruit to build your immune system and for cancer fighting with Vitamin C
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