Meg Farris / Medical Reporter

NEW ORLEANS -- Ochsner labor and delivery nurse Melanie Williams and her husband Brett, got news earlier this year that their third child, Olivia, would be born with a severe heart defect. To survive, she would need surgery her first week of life and at six months and 3 years of age.

Olivia arrived on Nov. 1 in Philadelphia. She survived her first surgery but had two setbacks, requiring a stent and blood thinners for a clot.

But now things are moving in a positive direction, and the family is expected to be home the first week in January.

She now needs to gain weight and take her medications so she can be ready for her next surgery in March, back in Philadelphia.

You can donate at any Whitney or Hancock Bank to the 'Baby Olivia Williams Fund' to help with medical expenses. For more information, head to the Olivia Williams family site.

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