Former New Orleans Recovery Czar Ed Blakely is at it again claiming he did a bang-up job leading the city back after Hurricane Katrina.

Blakely has a new book about his role after the storm, and that's the subject of tonight's commentary by Eyewitness News Political Analyst and Gambit columnist Clancy DuBos.

Clancy DuBos / Eyewitness News

NEW ORLEANS -- When Ed Blakely came to New Orleans in 2007 to become then-Mayor Ray Nagin's recovery czar, he brought high hopes and big talk.

By the time he left in 2009, big talk was about all Blakely accomplished.

Today, more than six years after Katrina, Blakely is still talking big. He has published a book in which he claims to have led the city back to normalcy. He takes credit, as usual, for things that either didn't happen at all, or happened because of the efforts of others.

Here's the truth about Blakely's record in New Orleans:

He arrived in January 2007 and worked 'part-time' for the city for two and a half years.

For that, he was paid more than $150,000 a year.

He touted 17 so-called 'target zones' of recovery and promised 'cranes in the sky' by the end of 2007. We're still waiting for those cranes.

Blakely's big mouth has gotten him plenty of attention. One of the lingering tragedies of Katrina is that Ed Blakely still finds it necessary to use the storm and his myopic view of New Orleans' long and difficult journey after it to feed his monumental ego.


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