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NEWORLEANS- Saints Coach Sean Payton is seeking relief from the NFL for his role in the New Orleans' Bounty Scandal.

General Manager Mickey Loomis and Assistant Coach, Joe Vitt also filed appeals.

In light of these new developments Drew Brees spoke to the media on Friday.

'I think I know just as much as you guys seems if indeed its true, he's appealing the punishment not sure how long that will take certainly we hope that, we hope for the best,' said Brees.

On Friday night, Brees answered media questions at an event for the Drew Brees Foundation. His first on-camera remarks since the scandal broke.

'It's very tough. We're all a family and so to have some of the things said about us as a team, and our coach, and our accomplishments, those things hurt. Its been tough for all of us,' said Brees.

The Quarterback says he has spoken to Coach Payton numerous times since the NFL's investigation came to light. But Brees says he knows very little about the newly filed appeals.

'The entire team loves our coach and we'd do anything for him and certainly are with him during this time. Just understanding how difficult it is. We're all trying to get through it. Certainly like I said we're hoping for the best,' said Brees.

With Brees' contract still up in the air with the Saints, he'd like for New Orleans to remain home.

'My goal, will be and has always been to get a long term contract with the New Orleans Saints which will keep me here for my entire career and I'll continue to work towards that,' said Brees.

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