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SLIDELL, La. -- A bobcat's on the loose in one Slidell neighborhood.

A 12-year-old boy's hidden camera captured the animal, and now neighborsin the Turtle Creek Subdivision areon edge.

'It has 104 pictures on it,' said Brandon Indorf of the Christmas present he's been putting to good use.

'You just turn this on and whenever that light starts to blink, it shows that something is moving,' said Indorf of the game camera he and his brother, Robbie, mounted to a tree on Friday.

The next morning the duo discovered a 30-second clip of a bobcat lurking near a creek about 60 yards from their back door.

'Maybe like 50 pounds, like the size of a retriever or something,' said Indorf describing the animal.

Homeowners tell Eyewitness News that wildlife sightings are common in this Slidell community, which is butted up against a swamp.

However, this latest bobcat sighting is unnerving to some neighbors.

'I was really not surprised, but it is scary to think about it,' said Patty Godwin, who lives next door.

After the bobcat video surfaced, Godwin said she started to keep a closer eye on Mia. Now the family dog is only let out in the front yard.

'I just know I don't want anything to happen to anyone's pets, and when we hear about something like that, we have a lot of pets in our neighborhood,' said Godwin.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries says hundreds of bobcats live in St. Tammany Parish where the animals are native to the area, and sightings do happen.

'They're mainly noctural creatures. They'll come out before sunset and start hunting and be out most of the night and then right before dawn and then they pretty much sleep the rest of the day,' said Special Agent Keith Francis with Wildlife and Fisheries.

Francis said every now and then a bobcat might snack on easy prey like pets, but only if their food supply is low.

'They pose no threat to people generally speaking. House pets like a dog and a cat they might if their prey is not as abundant, then they might go after small dog or cat,' added Francis.

As the amateur bobcat video makes the rounds, Brandon is hoping for more cool footage in the future.

'I think we might see it again,' said Brandon smiling.

If you're a concerned homeowner with a bobcat problem, turn to the professionals like trappers for help. Wildlife & Fisheries says don't try killing or trapping the animals because that is illegal and you could get hurt.

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