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NEW ORLEANS -- The family of Wendell Allen met with the Orleans Parish coroner Monday, and they are now saying they no longer claim a police officer shot the 20-year-old to death in the back.

Attorney Lionel Lon Burns said photographs provided in a meeting with the coroner around 1 p.m. prove the NOPD and the agencies involved did not take part in any scandal in the investigation of the shooting.

'Today, the Allen family remains confident that the NOPD investigation into the fatal shooting of Wendell Allen is free of scandal, cover-up or any type of machinations by those involved,'Burns said, 'to include, the Coroner's Office, New Orleans Police Department, the Independent Police Monitor and NOPD Internal Affairs Division, all of whom have worked and met with the family during these last couple of weeks, in the spirit of conducting a fair, transparent and thorough investigation while working overtime to gain the Allen's family trust, within reason and within the law.'

The family had alleged last week that NOPD Officer Joshua Colclough shot Allen in the back, citing a funeral home report that pointed to an apparent wound in Allen's back.

Burns said Minyard showed the family two crime scene photographs. He said one showed an apparent entrance wound in his upper chest area, and the other showed what appeared to be a large bump on his upper left back area. The coroner told the family that the bump shown in the photograph was the bullet lodged under the skin.

Minyard had said last week that a forensic pathologist cut in a incision in Allen's back in order to remove the bullet.

Burns said the Allen family believes 'future confusion about where a loved one was shot, in an NOPD-related shooting, could be avoided if photographs of the deceased loved one, though somewhat gruesome to some, were readily made available.'

The family is requesting that the NOPD's investigation comes to a close and forwarded to the district attorney no later than April 27.

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