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NEWORLEANS-- A victory on Thursday night for hollywood actor Kevin Costner in a federal lawsuit case filed by fellow actor Stephen Baldwin.

Baldwin claims he was duped into selling his shares in Costner's oil spill cleanup device. But an eight-member federal jury disagrees.Eyewitness News spoke exclusively on-camera with Costner shortly after the verdict was read.

The lawsuit stems from claims made by actor Stephen Baldwin and a friend who say Costner misled them into selling their shares of oil extractor devices. The lawsuit also says Baldwin and his partner walked away with only $2 million. Missing out on BP buying of 32 devices for $52 million down the road.

'It was my good luck that they saw the truth of this story, and the good luck of this company and everybody involved that we were talking about the facts and not a story,' added Costner.

It took the jury less than two hours to come down with its verdict.

'Disappointed we believe that we put on a case sufficient to find the jury to find in our favor. The jury found the other way,' said Baldwin's attorney, James Cobb.

Baldwin's attorney asked the jury to award the plaintiffs with more than $17 million in damages. Instead, the actor and his friend received nothing.

'We respect that verdict. We respect and honor that verdict. They worked very hard and were an attentive panel and we had a different view. That's the beauty of our system,' said Cobb.

Costner has said from the start that this case was about clearing his name which is why he refused to settle.

Baldwin was not available for comment after Thursday night's verdict.

'The jury was doing their best to understand, not terribly complicated, but seemingly a complicated issue. They were really smart,' said Costner outside the New Orleans Federal Courthouse after a jury ruled in his favor.

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