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NEW ORLEANS - Hundreds of Hornets fans packed the Hive Thursday night to cheer on Anthony Davis and the rest of the team's draft picks.

The New Orleans Arena was alive Thursday with food, music, amateur basketball games, and even a Hornets hairstyling station. It was an especially exciting party for fans because the Hornets won the draft lottery, giving them the first pick.

And when the Hornets officially chose Anthony Davis, those watching on the court where he would eventually play erupted into cheers.

Few were more thrilled than 'Sharonce' the Diva Bee.

'I am so excited. This is huge. This is the best thing that has happened to me in my NBA career,' said Sharonce. 'I think he can really inject the team with a lot of enthusiasm. He plays really hard and he plays with heart, and that's what our team does.'

For a team that has battled injuries and low attendance, fans like Jason Bitre can't wait to 'bow to the brow.' Bitre carried a large sign with Davis' likeness, and wore a t-shirt that bore the players' famous unibrow.

'I'm so excited, I've been waiting for something to cheer about with the loss of Chris Paul and all of that, but now we have an owner, and we have a star so it's a bright future,' said Bitre.

Others wore false unibrows to show their support for Davis.

'I can do cartwheels right now, I just know he's going to make a big impact and give us that missing piece that we've been needing,' said fan Cherese Oatis.

Fans said they believe two top ten draft picks and a new owner will help propel the team to new heights, and boost attendance too.

'I think people will be out here like right now,' said Oatis. 'They're trying to get their season tickets, they want to get in the Hive. They want to be here to watch them play.'

'The Hornets [are] going to be up and coming, fans [are] going to be behind them,' said fan Tyrone Williams.

And for a night, fans celebrated not just a victory for the Hornets, but one for the city as well.

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