Will Kallenborn / Eyewitness News

THIBODAUX, La -- Nicholls State University announced Tuesday that there will be several layoffs in order to compensate for a heavily cut budget for the 2012-13 year. The university will be laying off 28 employees and eliminating 65 positions that were recently vacated.

The university states that its budget will be $52 million, a $5.3 million reduction since last year.

A majority of the budget cuts are the result of a decrease in state funding combined with an increase in state-mandated expenses, according to the school.

'It is difficult to overstate the seriousness of these cuts, specifically the cumulative effect of 10 reductions over the past four years,' says Nicholls' president Dr. Stephen T. Hulbert, 'the decimation of higher education in this state is unlike anything I have seen in my 40-plus years of professional experience.'

'It is important to note that our students, as well as all students in the state, are now paying more and getting less because of the series of state budget cuts and the 10 percent per-year tuition increases,' Hulbert said.

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