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NEW ORLEANS -- You've just put in a hard session at the gym, so what and when should you eat to maximize those results? Well, the experts say don't listen to the celebrities.

In the current edition of Self magazine, actress Jennifer Aniston is quoted as saying to wait for an hour to eat so you won't build muscle. But she is corrected with the medical science by Ochsner registered dietitian and sports nutrition expert Molly Kimball, who says you should eat right after the gym to help build and keep all the lean muscle that you begin losing with age starting in your late 20s.

Muscle is the furnace that amps up your metabolism and calorie burn. You should have at least 20 grams of protein after your workout.


It is well established that getting estrogen replacement beginning with menopause or after having the ovaries removed, saves a woman from rapid bone loss and fatal fractures later in life as her bone begins to look like Swiss cheese. Well now a recent study finds that post menopausal women who use hormone replacement are 30 percent less likely to fall. It is important not to wait too long after menopause to get on hormones because hormones protect women from losing bone. They can't replace the bone once it has been lost.


Having an uncomfortable, angry, but honest discussion with your spouse may help save your marriage more than forgiving and forgetting. A new study out of the University of Tennessee finds that some couples may experience long term benefits by temporarily withholding forgiveness and expressing their anger.


And finally, a survey finds that the top five pets that will not get you that second date are, in order: spiders, snakes, rats, ferrets and lizards. But surprisingly, 28 percent of men would be less inclined to date a women who had a dog and 25 percent would not like it if she owned a cat.

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