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Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who had been considered a possible running mate for Mitt Romney, praised the Republican presidential candidate's choice of Paul Ryan for the GOP ticket.

In a statement issued Saturday, Jindal called Ryan a 'good friend and one of the smartest guys I served with in Congress. He has the courage of his convictions, which is what our nation needs.'

Jindal appeared to be auditioning for the V-P slot. He made appearances around the country, attacking President Barack Obama for what he called failed policies and touting Romney's ability to improve the economy.

Jindal says he wouldn't be interested in a cabinet post with a possible Romney administration. He said, 'I consider being the governor of Louisiana to be more important and the best job there is.'

The state Republican party andmembers ofthe local Republican delegation in Washington also praised the selection of Ryan as Romney's running mate.

Sen. David Vitter said he and Ryan entered Congress at about the same time in1999.

'Weeven spent some of 9/11 with his wife and him as we met on the street and walked back to the capitol that afternoon,'Vitter said. 'Paul brings youth, energy, intellect, and strong conservative reform leadership to the ticket.'

Republican Congressman Steve Scalise called Romney's pick a 'strong choice,' callingRyan 'one of the smartest people' he knows in Washington.

'(Ryan)shows how serious Governor Romney is about controlling Washington spending and balancing the federal budget so we can get our economy back on track,' Scalise said.

'His bold plan to save Medicare from bankruptcy and control runaway Washington spending is the only serious budget passed by either chamber of Congress in years,' he said.

'The Romney-Ryan ticket might be the last and the best chance our country has to get the economy back on track and restore the American Dream for our children and future generations,' Scalise said.

State GOPchair Roger Villere, who will lead the Louisiana delegation heading to the party convention in Tampa in threeweeks,also commended Romney on his choice.

'Paul Ryan has a record of being a bold conservative who challenges the status quo.Gov. Romney and Congressman Ryan have the full support of the Republican Party of Louisiana. They have what it takes to get America back on track.'

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