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PLAQUEMINES PARISH, La. Some residents in lower Plaquemines Parish might be waiting up to two to three weeks for power as the recovery process begins in the heavily flooded part of the parish.

Entergy customers from Braithwaite to Whiteditch will see their power returned in the next 7-14 days if they are able to receive power, according to parish spokesperson Caitlin Campbell, while customers from Diamond to Boothville-Venice should get their power back in the next 7-21 days.

Customers in the Myrtle Grove to Diamond area should see power in two weeks if they can receive power. From Carlisle to Bohemia, on the east bank, customers should begin to see power in 7-10 days.

The parish cautions that timelines 'are estimates and are subject to change due to weather and accessibility.'

Entergy announced that power has been restored to all customers in Belle Chasse who are able to receive it.

'Water levels on Highway 23 on the west bank are expected to recede to a level at which cars may pass in approximately 2-3 days,' said a statement from the parish. Although there is 18-22 inches of water on the road, full-sized trucks can travel safely from Myrtle Grove to Lake Hermitage Road, according to parish officials.

'There are approximately 12 cuts on the back levees of the east and west bank to allow water to flow out. Pumps are working on the east and west bank to pump water out of the areas with flooding,' said a statement from the parish.

Currently, only emergency personnel are allowed on the east bank, according to parish officials.

There are no water boils in effect on the east bank, but a boil advisory is in place for the Dalcour Waterworks District and the Port Sulphur Water District.

Sewerage is expected to restored in Venice by Thursday.

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